Termite Treatment Options

Do need the best termite treatment options? If so, then you will definitely want to know which options are available and how each treatment works. Treatments can include replacing infested wood and using pesticides throughout the infested areas. Treating the foundation of your home on a regular basis is the ideal prevention for termites.

Types of Termite Treatments

For beginning or mild termite infestations, the simplest way to treat your home is to use a chemical spray that is formulated specifically for termites. The three basic types of treatment are baiting systems, repellents, and non-repellents. Non-repellents are those chemicals that are toxic to termites, while repellents are designed to force the termites away from the treated area without killing them. Hiring a professional may only be needed for extremely serious infestations.

Most spray pesticides are pyrethroids that are toxic to termites but generally safe for humans. Using a liquid type of treatment is the simplest method of treatment, but you may find that termite baiting systems also works well. Baiting systems allow you to focus a section of wood that has been taken over by termites, and can also be used around the dwelling to reduce the chances of infestation in the future.

Colony eliminations systems may also be used instead of more traditional treatments. This process allows members of the colony to pass a substance from one colony member to the other members, which ensures the termiticide reaches each termite. After the termites have passed the poison along, the colony will die out.

Costs of Termite Treatment

The costs of treating a termite infestation will vary depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated and the size of the termite colony that has become a problem. Do it yourself termite control is often the least costly method of treatment. You can find a wide selection of effective pesticides online and treat your entire home for less than $100, including a sprayer and baiting tools.

Professional treatment is often more expensive than do it yourself methods. The cost is often based on the linear foot size of your home, with the average being about $5 per linear foot of outside space. You can determine the costs of your professional termite control by asking for a free estimate. Don’t hesitate to ask for estimates from several professional services to ensure you are paying a reasonable fee. You may also want to ask about whether or not the professional will come back for free if the termites come back after treatment.

More severe infestations will need several treatments to remove the colony of termites from the home. During this time, you may also need to look for rotted wood that needs to be replace. Removing the wood that has been damaged by termites can assist you in removing all the eggs and termites from your home in addition to using a chemical treatment.

Top Three DIY Treatments

If you want to save money on termite treatment, then you may want to check the top selling products that you can apply yourself. The treatments include dry granules that can be placed around the home as well as liquid treatments that are easily applied using a sprayer.

Ortho Home Defense Max

The simplest product for treating termites yourself is Ortho Home Defense Max granules. All you need to do using this treatment is spread the dry granules around the outside of the home to eliminate termites.

Spectricide Termite Killing Stakes

Another simple treatment option that is easy and inexpensive is Spectricide Termite Killing stakes. The stakes are a baiting type of treatment that can be done in just minutes.

Spectricide Termite Killing Foam

Lastly, you may want to try Spectricide Termite Killing foam on the hard to treat areas. The foam can be applied directly to the colony for quick elimination.

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