Termite Prevention

There are a number of means and methods to ensure termite prevention is taking place in one’s home. Ultimately, prevention is the much more cost-effective way to go when dealing with termites as once they are in a home, the cost to repair the damage will be far more than preventative maintenance up front. Following these easy steps will ensure this maintenance takes place and the home safe from termites for years to come.

Keep Your Property Clean of Potential Termite Sources

Take care to ensure all potential food sources or shelter, such as lumber, firewood, scrap lumber and dead trees, brush or woody shrubbery have been removed from near the structure one wishes to protect. The addition of bug screens to attics or foundation vents will also help to prevent termite infestation within the home. Screening off these vents initially and them maintaining a home’s window screens will go a long way in preventing termites along with other creatures from infiltrating, and potentially damaging the home or property. In places where humidity typically runs higher that other areas, this approach may not be as feasible in practice as it limits the movement of air which is required to help keep certain areas of a home dry.

Utilize Soil Insecticides

One can also utilize a number of different soil insecticides to help with termite prevention. These specific create a toxic barrier or zone around a structure or property which will then eliminate termites as they come into contact with these chemicals. There are additional chemicals one can purchase which will repel termites from a property, but may not be 100% effective in eliminating them. This is where the benefit of using an insecticide versus a repellent pays dividends in protecting one’s home from termites. Prices will vary depending on brand and specific usage, however; most typical packages of insecticide for home usage run between $15-$50/Container.

Set up Physical Barriers

A third option for termite prevention is the utilization of physical barriers. Basically by setting up or installing a physical barrier that the termites cannot get through will then prevent them from entering and destroying the structure intended to be protected. With this approach there are a couple of options available; the Basaltic Termite Barrier and the Termi-mesh. With the former, it is basically specially designed particles of rock which is packed underneath a home’s foundation which then forms a barrier that termites are unable to get through. The latter is more of a screen made from stainless steel. Again, the holes within this screen are so small, that termites are not able get through to the home’s foundation above. Both of these options are solutions which need to be implemented upon the building of the home. Since this is typically used in new construction, one will want to check with their contractor on price prior to breaking ground.

Thinking Ahead

Thinking ahead when planning a newly constructed home, allows for preventative measures to be put into place which have proven highly successfully in the prevention of termite infestation. Also with the use of heavy paint or chemicals such as borax, wooded structural materials can be coated prior to use which will also assist in preventing future termite infestation. The one thing to keep in mind is that this method of coating materials with preventative paints and chemicals may not get as far into the materials as needed for extended prevention so touching them up after installation will continue to add benefit to the longevity of the prevention. Another option along those lines would be to purchase pressure-treated wood as those chemicals also act as a repellant to termites and other creatures. Depending on the problem at hand, the cost may very well justify themselves.

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