Termite Inspection

Have you ever wondered how to prevent and stop and termite problem? Termites are so tiny that they have a way of getting into the home and chewing on wood that seems to be their favorite food. No one wants an annoying termite infestation. Prevention and elimination are possible, and here’s how to do it in a few easy steps:

When is Termite Inspection Necessary?

There are several clues that let you know when a termite inspection is necessary. All people have a different idea when asked how often and when a termite inspection should be made. Some people never have one even when they actually see a lot of damage that the termites have created. That’s when it’s too late for just an inspection. Experts say that a termite inspection should be done every two years. Don’t wait two years if you see things like discoloration to wood, mud pellets in a crawlspace, and changes on the floors around showers, tubs and toilets. This is probably the beginning of termite damage.

A termite inspection is done by a professional pest control company. It will normally take less than an hour to complete, however, this depends on the size of the home and property. The skilled inspector will do a visual inspection of the entire indoors of the house. This includes any existing crawlspaces, basements and even the attic. Drywood termites may thrive in an attic in a home without any sub-areas. The attic may contain fecal matter of the termites. The inspector will also do a visual of the exterior of the home. This inspection will go as far as the fence, especially if it is a wooden fence.

Termite Inspection Cost

The cost of a professional inspection varies according to the size of the house and property and how long the inspection takes. It may also depend on what part of the country the house is located. Many average inspections cost about $110 to $120. However, an inspection can be a little as $50 or as much as $200. There are many factors to consider when determining the price. Even if an inspection may cost a bit more, it pays off in the end by removing the termite problem and by even preventing one in the first place. The longer you wait to have an inspection, the more it will cost to eliminate the pests.

Find out Average Costs

To make a decision on who to hire for the inspection, it is best to contact several pest control companies and find out their average costs. If you have any friends or neighbors that have recently had an inspection, find out how satisfied they were and how much they were charged. When you contact a pest control company to conduct an inspection, they should be able to give you an estimate on how much the inspection will cost. It depends on the size of the home and property, and if there is an attic, basement or crawlspace.

Accompany the Inspector

Once the inspection date is set up, it is also a smart idea to accompany the inspector when he circulates throughout your home. This way if you have any questions for him, he should be able to answer them intelligently. After the inspector is finished looking over all of the possible termite locations, he should explain everything that he has found. He explain what process is used to eliminate the termite problem.

Look for a License

Choose a company that has been in the business of pest control for a long time, and the termite inspector should be licensed. He should also offer you prevention ideas, not just treatment information. The termite treatment should always come with a service guarantee.

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