Termite Damage Repair Cost

Does termite damage pervade your home, or do you wonder how to prevent this from happening? Several preventive measures exist to avoid this problem, but if termites are already present in the structure of your house, then you must have them exterminated. If the termites are gone, but your structure has been made weak by their hunger for wood, then you must have the damage repaired before your home starts to fall apart.

Having a termite problem treated usually costs around $1,000. Repairing the structure of your building can, in extreme cases, cost up to 50 times that much. If you spot termites, then you need to have them removed as soon as possible to avoid this cost.

Though damage to wood is visible, other types of termite damage cannot be seen simply at a glance. To assess the damage, rugs and carpets must be lifted, appliances and furniture need to be moved, ceilings and walls must be opened, and possible excavation may be necessary.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost?

Most pest control companies offer free inspections. However, if a Wood Destroying Report is needed, this will run around $100. Termite inspections are recommended every two years. Termites are very focused in their mission, and they are one of only a few insect colonies that eat continuously. One single colony can totally annihilate in one year 2.3 linear feet of two-by-four pine. Imagine the damage incurred if that two-by-four happened to be one of your house’s supporting beams. Remember also that where one termite colony exists, usually others reside as well, multiplying the destructive potential.

Prevention Tips

Termites are attracted by soil, wood, and water. Termites build their colonies under the ground. They adore soil and devise intricate tunnel systems, descending down to three feet under the surface. Termites eat materials containing cellulose, and because wood has a large amount of cellulose, termites eat it with a passion. If one piece of wood comes into contact with the ground, then termites somewhere will sense it. Some termites will eat other things, such as vegetation, hummus and dung, but their favorite food is wood. In addition to food, termites cannot live without a water source. Fix any leaky faucets to avoid supplying them with this need.

Now that you know what termites need, you can understand why the following preventive measures will safeguard your home from an infestation.

  • Fix any water leaks you may have, whether external or internal.
  • Since vegetation may create areas of moisture, remove any heavy growth or brush from around your structure.
  • Get rid of all standing water near your home.
  • Store any firewood or building materials away from your house.
  • Use treated lumber if any wooden structures you build must touch the ground. The chemicals deter termites. Home improvement stores carry concrete supports to hold wooden support beams for patios or decks off the ground, so using one of these would aid you also.
  • Do not use mulch near the house, for it provides both a water and food source. However, you could use rubber mulch.
  • Do not bury wood scraps in the yard.
  • Eradicate old stumps, roots, and dead trees from your yard. As they decay, they attract termites.
  • Seal all holes or cracks in your foundation.
  • Clear all gutters of debris.
  • Properly ventilate your home.
  • Periodically get a home inspection for termites.

These actions will keep you from having to deal with the mass destruction termites can bring, but if you currently have termites, you must eradicate them immediately. Taking control now can save your home and your wallet.

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