Termite Damage Pictures

termite damageHave you ever wondered how to identify a termite and the damage they cause? Termites can quickly destroy your home, so early identification of an infestation is necessary. Looking at termite damage pictures can help you determine whether you are dealing with termites, and whether it’s time to call in the professionals.

Termites cause damage to your home that is unique. While reading a description is helpful, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. By seeing the type of damage they can cause in pictures, you will be better prepared to recognize that damage if it is in your home.

Recognize the Species You’re Dealing With

Termite damage pictures will also frequently include pictures of the pests, themselves. Knowing exactly what a flying termite or a queen look like can help you identify them quickly, and get help involved as soon as possible.
termite damage pictures

Termite Mud Tubes

Termites also build mud tubes that can be confusing to people. They don’t appear to be damaging to the home, but the pests that are using them as a bridge are highly damaging. Mud tubes extend over foundation walls, sill plates, floor joists and other structural parts of your home. They are typically the same diameter as a pencil, although they can be thicker.

These tubes are used by the termites for shelter as they move from the colony to the structure they are dining on. It is vital that you contact a professional as soon as possible if you see any mud tubes near your foundation or in the crawlspace. Viewing pictures of these tubes can help you recognize one immediately, making the difference between serious repairs bill and the cost of an exterminator only.

See Their Destructive Power

Pictures of termite damage also show the full extent of their destructive power. Support beams that are six inches thick can be turned into brittle poles that will not support any weight. Termites don’t limit their feasting to wood under and inside the structure. The damage pictures also show sheetrock on ceilings and walls that was destroyed by the work of termites. Paper, books and other wood based products are not safe from their dining habits.

termite damage wood

Termite Damage to Support Beam

termite damage wall

Termite Damage to Wall

termite damage ceiling

Termite Damage to Ceiling

termite damage book

Termite Damage to Book

Educate Yourself About Termites

termite colony
Reading about termites is helpful and recommended. To truly protect your home and family, however, there is no replacement for viewing pictures. Learning what these insects look like and what their damage will look like can help you take quick action when it is necessary. Don’t wait for construction crews to show you what the damage looks like as the rotten wood is carried out of your house. Take the time to view pictures and educate yourself before your home is turned into their personal dining establishment.

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